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Alltrue Artisan Program

Valuing the human behind the goods

In 2019, we launched our in-house artisan program with a commitment to follow fair trade principles, while contributing to the preservation of handmade craftsmanship. Since launching the program, we have come to sustainably employ over four thousand makers, paying over one million hours in fair wages. This provides our makers with life-changing, sustainable incomes, and allows us to celebrate the beauty of ethically handmade products.

Program Values

We are committed to following fair trade principles, while contributing to the preservation of handmade craftsmanship.

Women’s Empowerment

Women are often excluded from or marginalized within artisan producer organizations, rarely being found in leadership or management positions, which reinforces existing gender disparities. We ensure that women are placed in leadership positions throughout partnering artisan producer organizations, as part of our ongoing effort to ensure gender equality and women’s empowerment.

Disadvantaged Workers

Disability often closes the door to educational and professional opportunities, even when disabled individuals are capable of valuable contribution. Alltrue aims to specifically support disadvantaged producers, helping create economic independence and poverty reduction for marginalized and impaired populations.

Education & Skill Development

Alltrue seeks to develop the skills of our production team through free training and development programs so makers can continue to grow, prosper, and achieve economic security. Our artisan team members receive skill development in various ways such as free sewing classes, literacy classes, and leadership training. We also help support workshops centered around hygiene and health, financial management, and gender equity.

Poverty Alleviation

Our artisan model represents an important new approach to alleviating poverty based on a strategy of “trade not aid.” Our growing producer group seeks to challenge historically unequal international market relations, transforming global trade into an avenue of producer empowerment and poverty alleviation.

Artisan Development lifestyle
A Year in review

Impact statistics

We’re proud of so many things that the Alltrue Community is doing to positively impact the world, but few things make us more proud than our collective investment in the artisan sector. Below are a few highlights from 2020.

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Employed 4,132 artisans part-time

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Employed 862 artisans full-time

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Hired 280 new artisans
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Trained 520 artisans in new skills

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Paid artisans for 962,000 hours of fair wages
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Produced 663,000 handmade products

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Invested $5.8 million 
in the artisan and handmade 
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Trained 18 women in leadership to take on a majority lead within the team

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Supported over 12,000 dependents / livelihoods through our artisan production this year
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